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Deluxe Rooms Immersed In Nature

Sunriser View

The unique experience you deserve

You deserve indulgence. The kind that is natural, wholesome, and rejuvenating for the mind, body, and soul. 

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What our guests say

We loved staying in the Wild Rooms. It was absolutely perfect from start to finish. The standard of accommodation, the breakfast, the facilities, everything was just outstanding.

—  Patrice, Cork, Ireland

Design & Nature blended perfectly together for you

From the moment you arrive you can feel the shift in pace. Like the exquisite fractals found in nature, the Wild Rooms permeate quiet strength and beauty and reveal their uniqueness the closer you get & the more you slow down.

Tara hill fog and trees
Wild Rooms Layout
Luxury Wild Room Bathroom

Immerse yourself

Step inside and feel the warmth under your feet. The soft furnishings at your fingertips. The invigorating waterfall showers on your skin. The sounds of nature in your ears. Immerse in the unmistakable vibe of peace and contentment, and the comforting warm familiarity of an old friend.

Frequently asked questions

Are they private?

Yes they are. Each Wild Room has it's own private pathway and it's own secluded outdoor area. They are placed amongst the wild nature of Tara Hill and naturally protected from the elements. Each of the large viewing windows also has black out blinds to offer further privacy if you want it.

What are Wild Rooms?

The Wild Rooms are a uniquely designed outdoor living experience. They are 'posh rooms in the Wilderness' built using the finest materials and nestled perfectly into nature. See our features page for more

Are they heated?

Indeed they are, and then some! Each Wild Room is built using thermal insulation panels, sustainable cladding, and has underfloor heating throughout. They couldn't be any cosier!

Do they have private bathrooms?

Not only does each Wild Room have a private bathroom, they are equipped with waterfall shower heads, heated towel rails, and elegant tiling imported from Spain. Oh, and did we mention the private outdoor heated shower!

Is there WIFI access?

Yes. Each Wild Room has it's own dedicated fast WIFI so you can still choose to be connected to the outside world if you so wish.

Are there Kitchen facilities?

Each Wild Room has it's own private Kitchen featuring intergrated fride, Induction hob, and quartz worktops. Enjoy your coffee at the breakfast bar which looks directly looks out of the main viewing window to the magnificent view. Each Wild Room is also equipped with kettles, toasters, and coffee makers, and we have included utensils, plates, mugs, glasses, chopping boards and more to make your stay a complete self catering experience if you wish.

Is there onsite parking?

Yes. The location has private gated access and private parking for all guests with just a short walk to each Wild Room location.

Do you provide local information on what to see and do?

We do. Before your stay you will be sent your own electronic guest guide via email. This guide will contain everything you need to maximise your stay and is easily accessible from your phone when you are out and about.

Are the Wild Rooms easy to access?

The three Wild Rooms at Tara Hill Estate can only be accessed via short steep stone pathways. As such they are not easily accessible for wheelchairs. The Lodge has easier access, though be advised that it has a staircase to the mezzanine bedroom. Please contact us if you have any specific questions regarding location access at hello@thewildrooms.com

Do you provide discounts and special offers?

From time to time we will be running special promotional offers. To avail of these simply subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed and up to date

Can I work in a Wild Room?

You can. The dedicated fast WIFI connection for each Wild Room will ensure you are able to work whilst still taking in the view and relaxing atmosphere. The Wild Rooms are designed and setup for remote working. In fact, we will soon be offering Wild Offices! These are smaller office versions of the Wild Rooms perfect for smaller outside spaces at home. To find out more, email us here

Is this Glamping?

No. This is a different experience. You have all the comforts of a hotel room and private facilities. Tara Hill is a beautiful landscape and we have created an experience that blends in with the surroundings. It's immersive and luxurious and not a camp site in anyway. Not that there is anything wrong with camping or glamping of course and there are plenty of lovely places that offer that style of accommodation elsewhere in Wexford.

Are the Wild Rooms suitable for Children?

No. The Wild Rooms are currently only suitable for people aged 16yrs and older.

Are Wild Rooms good for Parties?

No. Wild Rooms locations are chosen due to their quiet and relaxing environments. We ask that you are respectful of our neighbours and fellow guests. As such, we request that outside noise is please kept to a minimum after 9pm.

Are you COVID compliant?

Whilst nobody can claim to be 100% COVID safe, here is what we can tell you. Each accommodation is separate from one another in it's own private space with more than 2m distance from any other accommodation on site. Each accommodation is self catering and there is plenty of space onsite to avoid close contact with any other guests or staff. Our cleaning staff wear protective masks and gloves and ensure that each accommodation is thoroughly cleaned and closed before the next guests arrive. As such, we cannot allow late check-outs or early check-ins as we need to ensure full cleaning procedures are carried out.

Are visitors allowed?

We cherish the quiet and peaceful nature around the Wild Rooms, and want to provide the most relaxing stay we can for our guests. For that reason the Wild Rooms and the Lodge (at Tara Hill Estate) are for booked in guests only with no visitors allowed.

Is smoking permitted?

Smoking/Vaping is not permitted inside the Wild Rooms or any of the accommodation. Smoking/Vaping is permitted outside provided it is in a clear space away from any gorse, trees, plants, or fauna. We also ask that any cigarettes are clearly extinguished and disposed of in bins provided.

How do I order breakfast?

The Wild Rooms breakfast is delivered fresh on your arrival day. For subsequent days it is delivered the evening before. The breakfast can be ordered during the online room booking process. Alternatively, once you receive your personal online guide via email then you can also order directly via the guide.