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We are open at last!

On Tuesday 22nd June 2021 we officially opened the Wild Rooms! Years in the making with enough emotional upheavals and rollercoaster episodes to cram into a whole season of Grand Designs, not to mention a global pandemic that came roaring in with a barrage of proverbial spanners!

It really felt like monumental moments when the power first went on, when the water flowed (with amazing pressure by the way), when the furnishings were all finished and tied together beautifully, when the wifi started chucking out super high speeds in each Wild Room, when the fridges started to hum and the floors started heating up, and when our first guests Mark and Sharon arrived (as I literally packed away the last of the tools) with no idea what to expect!

We are already booked out for most of the season, and receiving great reviews from guests - the best feeling of all. After all, the whole purpose of this crazy whirlwind was to ultimately give people a place to retreat, relax, and leave their cares behind. Now we just have to work out when we can get a night here ourselves!

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