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What a magical first month open!....

Hey there! July was our first full month open and what an absolute doozy it was! Firstly, the lovely couple in the pic are Daniel and Aisling. Dan popped the question to Aisling whilst staying in a Wild Room and we are just so delighted for them both. We had another proposal with Conor dropping to his knee on Saleen Beach just over a week ago, and in-between there have been a number of anniversaries and honeymoons...amazing!!

I was only speaking to a friendly neighbour just recently about how hearing of these experiences validates all the stresses and hassles that you have to go through to realise a dream that you have. At the end of that process are real people living out their lives and creating memories and adventures along the way. To be a part of that is huge for us so thank you to everybody that has stayed with us already. To all of you are booked in, we cannot wait to welcome you, and to all of you yet to book with us.....what are ya waiting for?!!! :)

One thing is abundantly clear; there are many lovely people looking for a bit of escapism and in need of hitting the pause button for a little while just to recharge and take stock. If we can help provide that, then we are all in, and as my friendly neighbour pointed out...."There's something in the air that makes people do mad things when they stay around here". Madness or magic, we love it!!

Stay Wild

Ben & Vanessa

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